Welcome to Roo's Page!

Hi! Our names are Jessica, Ashley and Kaitlyn.
We made this webpage so we can tell you
about our special kitty Roo!

This is our little kitty Roo! Isn't he cute?
Roo is special because his front legs
don't work as well as other kitties.
He also has a problem with his heart.

Roo likes to play in the dog's water dish!

Roo and Boo Boo like to play together.

Roo and Boo Boo like to sleep together too!

This is Meggy. She thinks she is Roo's Mom

This is Roo's favorite place to play.

Roo can stand on two legs! Christmas
morning, Roo and Boo Boo are looking
at our new hamster, Peaches

We painted these pictures of our
pets for our Mom for Mother's Day.

Our Pets, Roo, Megan, Tawny, Peaches and Boo Boo
by Kaitlyn Age 10

Tawny for Mom
by Jessica Age 10

We Will Always Remember...



Tawny (age 6) with Kaitlyn (age 2)                            Tawny (age 15) and Kaitlyn (age 10)

Our Mom found Tawny lost in the woods
when he was a kitten. He was a friendly cat.
He liked people. Tawny had diabetes but always
came running for his shots. Tawny died in June
from cancer. He was 15 years old.



Mom, Johann (5 months) and Tawny (2)           Johann (3) with our Dad and Mom

Kaitlyn & Jessica (11 months) and Johann (4)

Johann was our first Golden Retriever. Mom
and Dad had him before we were born. Johann
loved squeaky toys, and could take the mail to Dad.
He liked to play in the snow. Johann had a brain
tumor and died when he was 7.

...and Peaches

Peaches was our first hamster. He was so cute!
He was furry and he liked when we held him.
He also loved pumpkin seeds! Peaches
was just a baby when he died.

Kaitlyn with our new hamster, Daisy

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